lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Paper crafts Ideas for decorations!!!

 Hello everyone!!!

Do you like some vintage creations? Here are some ideas for you, if you want to create but don't know how to start, here are some techniques that you can use. Hope you find this easy and a nice tool to put on practice!!!

You are bored at home and feel the need to create something but you don't know where to start, let me tell you, you just need some paper...

Striped paper: painting your own paper, cut up or torn it to create an interesting way to personalize your project. Also you can tear apart some pages from different books, with yellow pages, or sepia, french texts or other languages.

If you want to dye your paper but don't have paint you only need to get to the kitchen, if you have coffee or tea, this is also an extra, and it gives a smell to it.

How is it done? Well you put to boil 2 tea bags and when tea is ready you put your paper in a flat pan with some tea on it. Leave it there for 20 mins and then drain the water. When finish let it dry in a towel paper over night.
 You can also use music scraps, adhere small illustrations or postage stamp. absorted paper with text, colors and images, is good to play with the elements, keep some straight and tear others, placing upside down and play with stamps too.

Old maps, dictionary pages, petals, postcards, etc are also a good way to create some vintage art work, and you can tye them with tea bags to make the feel of old. No need to buy anything, try to recycle what you have in your home, newspapers, magazine, plastic bags, construction paper, fabric, threads, even old paints, stamps, envelopes (how many we received everyday on the mail).

 Hope this ideas will inspire you to do some cool vintage ideas!!!

Happy crafting!

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