lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

DIY greeting cards for any time, check it out!!!

Here are some ideas of greeting cards, they're easy to do, and the best part, is you give something made for you, is a special something to that person!!!

Here are all the materials I used. I grab 3 diferent colors of contruction paper, the green for the cut out piece ( the tree), red the frame and pink the background.

First you choose the size of your greeting card, Then fold on the half of the paper. 

Select where do you want to cut the rectangle and do it.

Paste the construction pink paper on the inside of the card, and with a thread between 2 the 2 shapes of the christmas tree, and glue it to both extremes... and ready!!!

I will post a video on how to do it as soon as I finish editing!!! I'll let you know!!!

Second Option:

This is way easy. Just need to cut out the same form of the white paper ( gift tags) and stamp nice messages on it, put a cordel or anything you find in your home... and ta da!


 Just need color construction papers, and half page of a newspaper.
Fold the paper, cut out the shape of newspapers hearts, glue them and put a title over it.. and if you want yo can try to put some pockets with the leftover paper.

Let me know if you like it!!!

Happy Crafting!!!

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