viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

Catching my dreams...

 I love Dream Catchers!!!

When I have to travel to another country and leave my daughter with my Mom, I was really worried, not that she wasn't going to be ok, but mostly for the separation. I wanted to give her a token of our connection, something that we both shared.

We went to this fair in a small town from the coast and got 2 small Dream catchers silver plated necklaces. 
My way to protect her dreams and that nothing can go wrong in our life because we'll be always together.
I want her to sleep good, to be able to rest and not to worry about her mommy going away for some months, because it was very difficult time for both of us.

Every day I wore with me. I meant so much.

Now we are together, 4 months away from each other and we were back. We still have the dream catchers but we don't need it anymore. However is a piece that has a power over me, I like it, I feel it. It become part of me, part of my beliefs, being able to feel protected.  All my bad dreams and hers were caught up in the web and  burned when the first rays of the sun touch them.
Positive dreams no matter what.

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